Wedding Officiants in Chester, Nova Scotia

Rev Danielle KingawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Rev Danielle KingReverend King has been an Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church since 2005. Before moving back East she served Monarch Park congregation in downtown Toronto. She did her academic work at Memorial U in Newfoundland. Danielle's goal is to help make your wedding day magical, romantic, and a perfect reflection of two individuals uniting as one. She respects and honours all religious and spiritual backgrounds, seamlessly adding anything you need as part of your wedding ceremony. Her loving and outgoing personality puts people naturally at ease. Her creativity and flexibility brings something unique to both the most intimate wedding and the grandest extravaganza!

Rev Courtenay Fraitzl, B.C.I.T. (Dipl).awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Rev Courtenay FraitzlCourtenay studied at the B.C. Institute of Technology where she holds a diploma in Leadership (with Distinction). Courtenay is proud of her public speaking skills and holds a competent Leadership Certificate from Toastmasters International. Skills she uses as a Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. In her free time Courtenay can be found growing food, laughing at the family chickens’ antics, cooking for her large family or hanging out at the beach in front of their home on Boutiliers Point. Your customized wedding ceremony will be approached with great care and warmth. "I have a strong desire to help people achieve their best life through fulfilling their dreams. I believe deeply in the commitment of marriage and would be greatly honoured to be part of that process of others."

Rev Carol Grimmitt, BSc. (Dalhousie)awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Rev Carol GrimmittCarol is an Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. She is a caring and respectful individual, honouring all faiths and beliefs. She serves mostly in the Upper Tantallon area. She would be more than happy to include any ancestral traditions into your wedding ceremony to make your day truly the way that you imagine it to be. However elaborate or simple you wish to make it, Carol would be honoured and humbled to be there for you on your special day.